Top 3 Appraisal Management Company Directory Lists

Published: 24th November 2009
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Looking for the Best Appraisal Management Company Directory List?

Each Appraisal Management Company (there are over 300) will only use and submit appraisal jobs to the appraisers that are on their approved "appraisal management company directory or list". It is up to the appraiser to sign up with each AMC in order to get job requests. Unfortunately, most appraisers are only signed up with about 10 to 12 AMC's. According to a statement by the California OREA, over 5,000 appraisers have stopped appraising over the last year, mostly due to lack of work.

What is the solution?

They must sign up with more appraisal management companies to solicit more work. More work means more income, even with commissions taken out.

In our evaluation of the top 3 Appraisal Management Company Directory lists available, we used 5 different aspects to rate the products available. We looked at:

• Price

• Number of companies listed

• Information provided by each list

• Guarantee

• Customer Service/Support

We have reviewed what we consider the top 3.


Price: $37.95

AMC's Listed: Over 300

Information Provided: Basic

Guarantee: Full Guarantee through Clickbank

Support: Email

Appraiser Income

Price: $79.00

AMC's Listed: 180

Information Provided: Comprehensive

Guarantee: 60 Days

Support: Email, Phone, Mail

My AMC List

Price: $49.99

AMC's Listed: Over 300

Information Provided: Basic

Guarantee: 30 Days

Support: Email

AMC Directory List Summary

Our #1 Choice - AMC300


AMC300 is our top pick for several reasons. Cheapest price, best guarantee through clickbank, and over 300 appraisal management companies listed. It provides all the basic information needed to apply to the management companies and has provided support.


Appraiser Income is our second pick. They are the most expensive list for the least amount of companies listed, but they do provide some extras. They offer a 60 day guarantee and the most options for support.


My AMC List is our third pick. While they offer over 300 amc's (the same as AMC300) their price is higher. They provide basic information and use only email support. A main issue we found with the site was the guarantee. On the front page they state that they carry a 30 day guarantee, but on their terms and conditions page it states that they do not give money back due to the nature of the product. This could be an issue if you are unhappy with the product for any reason.

What is an appraisal management company directory or list?

Beginning in 2009, new HVCC laws basically made a barrier between the real estate appraisers and the bank or lenders ordering the appraisals. The laws were made to try to control the amount of contact the lender had with the appraiser, and in doing so, reduce the amount of possible fraud, bribery, coercion or control of the predetermined value. In order to facilitate these new rules, appraisal management companies were developed that act as the middle man. They accept the orders from lenders or banks and then distribute them to, hopefully, local appraisers to do the work.

So far, so good, right? So what's the catch?

Appraisal Management Companies only use the approved appraisers that are signed up with their company. It is the responsibility of the appraiser to sign up with these AMC's in order to receive jobs.

Thankfully there are appraisal management company lists that can assist the appraiser as these companies can be very difficult to find.

Appraisal Management Company Directory Lists Reviewed

In our evaluation of the top 3 AMC lists available, we used 5 different aspects to rate the products available. We looked at the price, number of appraisal management companies listed, information provided for each AMC, guarantee, and support.

For a complete list of AMC's go to

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